What’s New in Silverlight 5

I presented “What’s New in Silverlight 5″ at the Sydney Silverlight Designer and Developers Network meeting (which I run), focusing on the new business application related features in Silverlight 5 (Jose Fajardo covered the new 3D features). You can download the source code for the application I wrote demonstrating the new features here (also includes my PowerPoint slides):


The sample currently demonstrates the following new features in Silverlight 5:

New XAML Features

- Custom markup extensions
- Implicit data templates
- Binding in style setters

New Debugging Features

- Setting a breakpoint in XAML to debug a binding

New Control Features

- RichTextBox overflow
- ClickCount
- ListBox/ComboBox type ahead searching

New Elevated Trust Features

- Elevated Trust inside the browser
- Create/display new OS windows
- WebBrowser and toast notifications whilst inside the browser
- Unrestricted access to the file system (without user involvement)
- Default file name in SaveFileDialog