ABC 75th Birthday Celebrations and First “Celebrity” Spotting

I went to the ABC’s 75th birthday celebrations at Ultimo today.  It was a pretty good event (especially being free) with some personal highlights being seeing the Catalyst team, touring the studios, and especially the “Big Gig” where a stage was set up on Ultimo Road and music, comedy, and fun was going on.  After the Chaser boys were on, I guess a lot of people obviously decided they’d seen what they had come for and left, not realising they were going to reappear a short while later as part of a debate.  The debate was a lot of fun with a topic of interviews are more important than music, including Richard Glover, Guy Noble, and Craig Reucassel arguing the affirmative, and Kerry O’Brien, Myf Warhurst, and Chris Taylor arguing against.  Other highlights were The Sandman and Flacco, Jane Rutter playing the flute and tin whistle (the very first instrument I ever learnt at age 6), and Andrew Denton.

 There were a few thousand people there, and I was actually “celebrity spotted” for the first time – twice!  A lady came up and told me how much she enjoyed the show (Nerds FC) and asked whether I still played soccer, and later on my way out another lady stopped me to also say she loved the show and thought I was very brave.  I have to say it’s quite unusual to be walking along and having people stop you because they recognise you, but they were very nice.  From this statistic I am concluding that the show is popular with 50+ year old women… 🙂


5 thoughts on “ABC 75th Birthday Celebrations and First “Celebrity” Spotting

  1. Maybe it is just you Chris who is popular with 50+ woman 😀

    Yay, there are viewers of this season that are REAL people (not just friends or voices on the internet).

  2. Geez, it doesn’t take you guys long to find Nerds stuff on the web… I only started this blog 9 hours ago… 🙂

  3. I suspect it might in fact be YOU who is popular with the over 50s women demographic. I’ve been spotted by a female Uni student, 2 regular shopping guys (one maybe 50, another maybe 25?), high school male and …and… wow, maybe it’s only been 4 people and not 6?

  4. Hey! A new blog ! Got your invite on fb

    Nice – magic conference ey ? Nifty.
    Btw don’t tell anyone but I’m writing this on my new ,
    sim unlocked, iphone 🙂 hehehe

  5. I would have to say that I only ever met fans of the show that were 50something year old females. For example, my ex’s mum knew of the show before I told her that my brother was on :-/ That was an experience and a half – I was answering her questions on behalf of Nick, since he had told me everything about his experiences there.

    We shouldn’t count friends right, since we told them to watch…

    Also one of the couriers from my work recognised Nick – he’s a 50someting male. I would base my opinion on oldies watching the show – or at least being the ones that openly tell us they watch the show.

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