Back To Blogging

For months now I’ve been saying to myself that I’ll need to blog this or that and never getting around to it.  Well the list of blog topics has grown, so it’s time I started knocking a few off the list.  There will be the occasional rant but I promise to keep them to a minimum.  Most will be programming tips, so my apologies to those on my Facebook friends list if you’re not a developer and my posts keep popping up in your newsfeeds – I’m sure there’s a way to turn them off if you get sick of them!

So to start off, something that has absolutely nothing to do with programming (but I will get there)!  Tomorrow night (Monday) I noticed Channel 7 at 10:40pm is showing "The Most Hated Family In America", a documentary by Louis Theroux.  I haven’t seen this, but I’ve seen others he’s made from his previous Weird Weekends series after Boing Boing blogged about it, and they were fantastic.  The way he tried to understand his subjects and how they came to do what they do (even though he mostly didn’t agree) allowed a unique insight into these worlds that you very very rarely see via any other reporting style.  I’m sure this episode will be no exception and provide intimate insight into this family and their hate fuelled beliefs.

And while I’m talking about TV, the HBO series Flight Of The Conchords is finally being played on Channel 10 starting next Sunday.  I was introduced to "New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo" back in 2004 on the short lived ABC series Stand Up! (the show had the exclamation point in the name – that’s not bad or overexcited punctuation from me).  I became an instant fan and many of those songs they played over the course of that series (they were repeat guests) have been worked into this series.  I saw the first few episodes a couple of months ago and they were awesome.  I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!