SWMUG Presentation

Tonight I did a short presentation at the Sydney Windows Mobile user group (SWMUG) about how to put your mobile application into a kiosk mode, disabling the Start menu and the hardware buttons effectively stopping the user getting to the underlying Windows Mobile shell and generally causing a maintenance nightmare.

You can download a demo application that implements a library I wrote for this demo to enable this functionality here:


While I demonstrated putting the Prize Draw application I had developed a few years ago and used regularly at SWMUG into kiosk mode, I’ve simplified the demo included here to a simple form in kiosk mode.  As you will see it only requires two lines of code (one per form event) to implement.

Just reiterating some points in my talk:

– Set your application to start up automatically when the device is restarted (by putting a shortcut in the StartUp folder or set the Run key in the registry).  Therefore the user can’t just restart the device to gain access to the shell.

– The device after being left idle for a period of time (normally 4 hours) may automatically switch to the Today screen, effectively nullifying the kiosk mode.  This is a setting in the control panel (Start, Control Panel, Today, go to the Items tab, and uncheck the check box).

– If you use the Open or Save dialog boxes, they can’t  have the kiosk mode applied as we don’t know their window handle.  Therefore I recommend you roll your own versions of these dialog boxes (it’s not too hard, they’re fairly basic).

Hope you find it useful!