Line Of Business Applications In Silverlight Article Posted

I’ve been playing a lot with Silverlight over the last few weeks, getting up to speed and developing some backend software for my business Peer Placements.  From that project I’ve extracted code that will form a part of a reusable framework for helping development of Line Of Business applications, and I’ve built a sample application using it and the AdventureWorks sample database from Microsoft as an example implementation.  The framework is still under development and the sample application is not yet complete, but I have released a preliminary build of my sample application as part of an article I wrote for the Silverlight: Write and Win! competition on the website, titled Building a Framework For Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications.  Voting is now underway and will complete at the end of the week.  If you’re feeling in a generous mood please help me out by visiting the website and voting for my article (the last in the list) – if you think it worthy of course.  There are some nice prizes for the first 3 places which would be great to add to my toolbox :).  I was doing well in the voting earlier today, but recently some other articles have shot ahead so I could do with all the help I can get!  Any feedback for the framework is more than welcome, and even if I don’t win a prize in the competition I hope you find it useful as a basis for getting your own Silverlight applications up and running.

My aim is to release this framework when complete as a Visual Studio project template (probably around the time of the Silverlight 2 RTM release), so that developers undertaking new Silverlight LOB applications can get up and running easily.  I’ve experienced a lot of pain and quite a learning curve in the past few weeks, so if I can save others the same pain then I’ve done my job well :).  I’m open sourcing this framework as I’ve gained a lot from open source projects in the past and hopefully this can be my way of contributing back to the community.  Hopefully this project will also turn into a presentation that I can present at a .NET user group meeting sometime in the near future.

In other Silverlight related news, Silverlight 2 RC0 was released on Friday, and from reports I’ve read it’s looking like it will RTM towards in early October (or at least according to zdnet).  RC0 has broken my application from beta 2, and I’ve spotted one bug that doesn’t appear to be fixed (in regards to initial focus of text boxes after the application has loaded) after patching it up and porting across to the new release – hopefully a fix will be included in the final release.  Apart from this, there are some nice additions in this new release (controls, styles, and better handling of aliasing situations for lines and text that previously came out fuzzy – aligning these to pixel boundaries has created cleaner lines for a more attractive user interface).  Will comment further when I have examined it in greater detail.


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