Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 7.1

Part 7.1 (yes, .1) of my series on building a line-of-business application with Silverlight is now available on the website here:

This is the start of a 7 part mini-series on styling the application within my main series of building line of business applications.  As I expected (and hoped) this article (being predominantly opinion based) is generating some controversy so join in and add your own comments – the designer-developer interaction needs to be argued and discussed widely and I thought I’d get some going by prodding it with a big stick.  This is the only opinion article in this mini-series – don’t worry I’ll be getting to the real stuff soon.  The articles in this series will be released on a weekly basis so expect  part 2 in a week or so.  For these articles I’m still working in Silverlight 2 as Silverlight 3 doesn’t have a go-live license yet (and we have no idea when it will) and many people have been working with my existing framework so I want to keep helping them.  I will be noting new Silverlight 3 features throughout the articles where appropriate though that would allow you to do whatever it is in a better way.


2 thoughts on “Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 7.1

  1. Howdy.
    Just started working on your LOB articles (Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications) and I’d like to get hold of the source code for the series without having to sign up for Facebook.

    I’ve also obtained your book Pro Business Applications w/SL4 via an inter-library loan. Great help.


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