Willoughby “Star Gazing Evening” This Saturday

Based in Sydney and not doing anything this Saturday evening?  Do you like looking up at the sky at night?  Do you want a closer look at the Moon, Jupiter, and various beautiful deep sky objects such the Jewel Box, Omega Centauri, and various Messier objects?  Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about but would like to learn a bit about astronomy?  Then join the Northern Sydney Astronomical Society (which I’m a member of) and Willoughby Council for a “star party” this Saturday September 26.  Click here for details on the council website (though there’s not much there).

I’ll have my telescope there showing people Jupiter and its moons (the 4 that are visible from Earth), and there will be 9 other telescopes set up looking at various objects in the sky (fingers crossed for good weather and no dust storms).  There will also be talks, food, and information stalls, and I’m sure lots of fun to be had.

It’s free, so come along and join us between 6pm and 9pm this Saturday at Bicentennial Reserve, Small Street, Willoughby.


7 thoughts on “Willoughby “Star Gazing Evening” This Saturday

  1. Hi Chris,

    Wish I could make it, it looks like fun. I’m in the Midwest part of the US. I enjoy looking at the amazing creation around us.

    Quick question: I am a developer at heart and have almost “zero” creative juices. I’m looking for a way to create a cosmetically appealing login page and will likely hire some help for this. But I want to get as much done as I can myself, maybe through Expression Blend 3, etc. Then turn them loose on pretty pictures, color schemes, etc.

    I’ll take care of the architecture, About Us, Contact Us, and other content. Do you have any suggested strategies for creating cosmetically “wow” login pages? Is there a web site that supplies these for Silverlight 3?

    I’m in the process of creating a “story board” to flush the details.



  2. Sounds good. That was good help. I thought this might be the case, but wanted to double check.

    You know how users like Eye Candy! Myself, I like more of the nuts and bolts of applications, but since users are the one paying the bills 🙂

    I’ll check out the resources you mentioned.

    Thanks again,


  3. Hi Chris,

    A colleague of mine heard on a pod cast, that Microsoft officials mentioned they are planning not to continue support for Silverlight. I am not for sure the source.

    Disclaimer: I did not hear it, so this is speculation.

    Have you heard anything about this?



    • Hi Sean

      I don’t have any inside information, but I think I could say with almost a 100% certainty that Microsoft would not be discontinuing Silverlight. Nothing would make sense by them doing that (from so many perspectives), and it’s had a huge amount of support both internally and externally to Microsoft, so I can’t see it happening. It would be interesting to know which podcast that was on – sounds like deliberate rumour mongering to me!


  4. Roger that. That was my take too, but I wanted to see what you thought. I have seen both the internal and external support too, so this would not make sense. I’ll dig into the source a little more… you never know, maybe someone from the Flash team was doing a pod case 🙂

    Thanks again,


  5. FYI – Dug a little deeper and my “source” was not for which pod cast it was 🙂 Plus, they couldn’t remember if it was a observation or just mentioned in passing! Sorry, I should verify the rumors coming from the rumor mill more closely.

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